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22. Joshlin & Addie Yoder – Sharing the Story of Conservation on the Farm

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For Joshlin and Addie Yoder, their journey back to the farm wasn’t a straight path.

“We both attended the University of Missouri and graduated in 2002,” Joshlin explains. “But I went into retail for five years, following graduation from college. We moved to Alabama and lived down there for five years before that desire and that love of being outdoors and being on the farm finally just took back a hold of us and we made the move back to the farm.”

Today, they are raising their four children on the farm, alongside Joshlin’s family in northeast Missouri. They’ve also been working with Soil Health Partnership since 2017 on research looking at cover crops and erosion control.

“I’m a numbers guy,” Joshlin says, “I was really excited to be involved with the research side of it to see, if we do put the cover crops on, which of the things that are being promoted are really happening in the soil and which ones aren’t? Being able to have firsthand experience doing that, for me, is just hugely beneficial because it allows me to implement this on a small scale in some areas, try a variety of different things in these cover crop trials and get some firsthand results. Then I can figure out what works and what doesn’t, so I can spread that out and do it on more acres across my farm.”

Joshlin and Addie were recently recognized for their conservation efforts with the 2020 Missouri Leopold Conservation Award, which highlights farmers, ranchers, and foresters who inspire others with their dedication to land, water, and wildlife management. Joshlin says the part of the award application he thought they really excelled at was the leadership and communications section, which Addie plays a big role in.

“I’ve been sharing videos and pictures and stories about what happens on our farm specifically for several years because of [Common Ground],” Addie says of the National Corn Growers Association’s outreach training program. “My philosophy in doing it is – if I’m going to have a conversation with someone about a book or about a pair of leggings or something else – maybe they’ll remember, ‘Hey, that girl told me to read this book and it was great, but I also see that she grows corn so maybe I’m going to ask her about ethanol or about pesticides because in one of her pictures the sprayer was in her front yard.’”

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