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25. Boone McAfee – Using Research and Outreach to Expand Environmental Stewardship in Nebraska

Farmer programs, Industry partnerships

“Enhancing demand. Adding value. Ensuring sustainability.” Nebraska Corn Board’s strategic vision and mission of creating opportunities for Nebraska’s corn growers have led Boone McAfee to a dynamic role supporting area farmers.

One day he’s discussing production efficiency with his partners at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, trying to find the answer to how we improve or protect production while using fewer resources and inputs. The next day, Boone is trying to find a way to get his research findings to farmers for the betterment of their operation and the agriculture industry as a whole. 

 “When research and best practices are used on farmers’ fields, not only does that farmer benefit from being more efficient and being more sustainable, but so does that whole supply chain. In my role, I’m looking at how I find ways to help influence the public to understand that – whether they’re eating a hamburger made from corn-fed beef, fueling their car with ethanol, or using any of the, literally, thousands of products that utilize corn – corn farmers are contributing to the sustainability of all those things through that effort to continuously improve how they grow their crop and manage those resources.”

In this episode of The People of Soil Health, host John Mesko sits down with Boone to discuss his efforts around providing research to the public and farmers while advocating for state and national initiatives related to supply chain sustainability, ag innovation, soil health, and natural resources. 

And that includes a partnership with SHP.

“I think sometimes soil health is such a neat and simple term that it can be easy for us to forget that it’s actually many complex interactions that take time and guidance to really understand. And, again, just like with personal health, when it comes to soil, there really is no one-size-fits-all approach.”

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