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Cover Crops Critical to Erosion Control in Missouri

For Tim and Trent Gottman, building soil health through reduced tillage and cover crops is critical to reducing erosion on their Missouri farm. By keeping the soil in place, they hold onto valuable nutrients and help protect nearby waterways.

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Cereal rye cover crop

Using conservation programs to offset the cost of cover crops

Iowa farmer Dwight Dial shares how he implemented cover crops on his farm in a way that helped offset costs and mitigate the risk of trying a new conservation practice.

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Cover crop mix

Finding the most cost-effective approach to cover crops through experimentation

An Indiana farmer shares his early experiences with implementing cover crops in a cost-effective way that works for the logistics of his operation.

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Cover crop

With cover crop experience comes efficiency

Gaesser Farms has adopted cover crops on a large number of acres by finding efficiencies across their operation.

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Brian Ryberg evaluating soil health

Increasing profitability through decreasing tillage

Minnesota farmer Brian Ryberg shares how implementing conservation tillage and cover crops resulted in cost savings for his farm.

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Cover Crops and Nutrient Strategy in Iowa

7 years ago, Roger and Wes Zylstra set out to improve their stewardship. By paying attention to their nutrient management and incorporating cover crops, they started down the path of adapting their management system to meet their soil health, yield, and economic goals.

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Mike Buis and farm hand

Profitable cover crops in West-Central IN

Mike Buis farms 3100 acres of rolling farmland just west of Indianapolis with his brother, Jeff. They own 1400 acres and rent 1700 acres. Most of Mike’s cropland is in a corn-soybean or corn-soybean-wheat rotation. Mike began working with the Soil Health Partnership (SHP) in 2016 to experiment with cover crops. On his SHP research field, he trials a cereal rye cover crop before soybeans, and an oats and radish mix before corn. Experimenting with cover crops on his SHP research field prompted Mike to integrate a wheat cover crop on 300 additional acres. We focus on the economic benefits of his wheat cover crop management practices because he has adopted the wheat cover crop at scale.

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