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With SHP since 2019
Key Issues:
Cover crops, Tillage

Hayden Guetterman

Bucyrus, Kansas

Guetterman Brothers Family Farms is a row crop operation with a rotation of soybeans, corn and winter wheat on more than 10,000 acres in Eastern Kansas. They also operate a bonded grain elevator. Hayden Guetterman returned home from college in 2017 to farm full time and is part of the 5th generation, farming alongside his grandpa, dad, and three uncles.

Conservation has been a family value passed down in this farming family.  Their farm takes pride in reducing soil erosion and improving soil health.  Hayden joined SHP to learn data that will support if recommended practices would be beneficial to their farming operation, because although they have always been on the cutting edge of implementing soil health practices, they have not done much on-farm research. 

Currently, Hayden is experimenting with cover crop trials to see how quickly they can improve soil organic matter and soil biology.  Already he has observed increased organic matter, more earthworm activity, and the soil’s ability to hold moisture longer during dry spells.

SHP’s ability to help them collect and analyze data saves them time and helps them make informed decisions about their soil health practices. The farm also looks to SHP to help them define soil health success.

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