Kirk Kimble | Chillicothe, Illinois

Name: Kirk Kimble

Farm name: LKK Farms

Grower(s): Kirk and Tiona Kimble

Location: Chillicothe, Illinois


Acres farmed:

2000 acres


Farm History:   

Kirk and Tiona are the fifth generation farming the land. Kirk’s great-great grandfather started farming in central Illinois around the turn of the 20thcentury and the Kimble family has farmed there ever since. Tiona and Kirk have three daughters who have all been involved in Future Farmers of America, and help out on the farm.


Cover Crops:

Kirk has used numerous covers and combinations through the years: cereal rye, annual rye, vetch, oats, radishes, sunflowers and sun hemp. He puts a cover crop on every acre.

“I know I have my topsoil and it isn’t washed down the river. It’s a justifiable cost,” he said.


Tillage practices:

The Kimbles practice no-till on every acre. When Kirk began farming, he tried no-till in order to save money by not purchasing more equipment, and he liked the results. With the big rain events occurring more frequently, Kirk says it just works well on his land for keeping erosion at bay.


Nutrient Management:

Kirk does regular soil testing, and depending on the results, does either variable rate or blanket rate application of nutrients. He does not do fall application of nitrogen.


Why did you join the Soil Health Partnership?

“I believe in the practices that I have implemented, but the Soil Health Partnership is documenting them scientifically,” said Kirk. “I like seeing what is happening in my soil, year over year, and understanding how I can make it better. I like being part of a group that is promoting soil health and conserving our soil resource.”