Carl Eliason | Renner, South Dakota

Name: Carl Eliason
Location: Renner, South Dakota
Year Joined SHP: 2018

Type of Operation:
Carl farms 240 acres of corn, soybeans and small grain and is the 4th generation on the farm founded in 1877. 

View on Soil Health:
Carl watched his ground erode over the years because of the damage that had been done by previous generations. He started his soil health journey with small grains and no-till. Recently he started utilizing cover crops after the small grains. He is on a mission to improve soil health and organic matter along with setting an example for other farmers in the area.

Reason for Joining Soil Health Partnership:
Carl had been sharing his no-till and cover crop experiences on Twitter when the local SHP field manager reached out to him about setting up trials. He joined SHP because he is interested in gaining real-world experience with soil health practices and seeks scientific evidence to prove the practices work. 

Trials Partnered with SHP on:
Carl is running trials on no-till versus conventional tillage. He also plans to start trials with aerial broadcasting of rye cover into corn, along with no-tilling soybeans into the rye the following year. 

Other Soil Health Practices Being Implemented:
He plants red clover into winter crops and a 5-way cover crop mix right after harvest. 

Advantages Experienced Using New Soil Health Practices:
Since implementing no-till and adding cover crops, Carl’s farm no longer has soil moving down the hills, along with minimal erosion. He has also experienced better yields since implementing the 3-way rotation. He prefers no-till to conventional tillage because he feels that the ground is mellow and has less crusting, allowing for better emergence. He also reports using significantly less fuel.