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Fall Preparations for Harvest Success

Join Keith Byerly, Field Team Director – West, as he discusses preparing for a successful harvest. During this webinar we will discuss how to accurately collect data and put it into storage for the future, including:

  • A step-by-step process for setting up your yield monitor
  • Special considerations for crops that will not feed well into the combine
  • Available tools to streamline the decision-making process for subsequent seasons

Soil Sessions is a webinar series by the Soil Health Partnership that provides monthly, in-depth updates on various SHP programs and research findings. Soil Sessions covers a range of topics such as our evolving data insights, how SHP manages and integrates data, our connection to and work with our partners, as well as providing technical information on topics like cover crops, scouting and grazing. To view all SHP webinars, visit our website here.

Keith Byerly
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Keith Byerly