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Soil health indicators

07. Elyssa McFarland, Ag’s New Frontier

June 30, 2020

Iowa farmer and SHP Development Manager talked with John Mesko about the future of soil health. As a farmer, she sees anecdotal changes on her farm due to the soil health management practices she’s incorporated. As a researcher, she is really interested in being able to measure and track the changes and tie them to outcomes on the farm. In Elyssa’s mind, soil health is the new frontier in agriculture.

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Farmer programs

Working with SHP to Implement Changes

June 25, 2020

When it comes to making a management change in the operation, growers can become very hesitant. The way they have been accustomed to farming has become routine and comfortable. It’s also been sustainable, generating income for themselves and their families. Growers fear that sometimes making drastic changes in ways they farm can affect their bottom line and their families’ livelihood.

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Cover crops

Aerial Application of Cover Crops

June 18, 2020

When planting cover crops, there are many options, such as drilling, broadcasting, interseeding, or overseeding seeding. The accessibility to equipment and labor available are often deciding factors. Aerial application of cover crops has become a method that farmers have started to utilize to give them the advantage of early application.

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Industry partnerships, Wheat

06. Jay Watson, Soil Health is Win-Win-Win

June 16, 2020

Jay Watson, Sourcing Sustainability Engagement Manager for General Mills, chats with host John Mesko about why General Mills is so invested in soil health. He believes focusing on soil health and improving natural resources is a win-, win-, win for the producers, for the environment, and for downstream food companies.

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Soil health indicators

Plant Tissue Testing & the Land

June 11, 2020

Today, we are more in tune with listening to what is going on around us than we were 20 years ago. This is particularly true when it comes to our fields. Whether it has been the wide adoption of soil sampling, yield monitors, or even the advent of infield sensors like moisture probes, we have come a long way in learning how to listen to the messages that our fields give us.

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Cover crops

Aerial Applied Cover Crop Seeding

June 4, 2020

One of the main challenges many farmers face with cover crops is finding the time to execute their cover crop plan. Time is scarce and valuable during the fall due to harvest, so some farmers choose to seed during the cash crop growing season. Not all seeding methods work for every farmer, and there are many options out there.

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Cover crops

05. Mike Jordan, Cover Crops in Hard Places

June 2, 2020

Mike Jordan, a wheat farmer in Kansas, joined the Soil Health Partnership to gain access to expertise and see if he could make cover crops work on his farm after a few years of trying it on his own with only minimal success. After years of inconsistent success with cover crops, Mike is taking a new approach.

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