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It’s only normal that questions about soil health will pop up from time-to-time. Questions like:

Well, lucky for you, we’re here to help you find answers!

The SHP website recently got a facelift, including a refreshed version of our Library of Resources. The updated library includes a searchable database, where you can search SHP’s soil health resources based on:

  • Key terms
  • A specific region of the country
  • Communication type (e.g., blog, podcast)
  • Topic area
  • Date the resource was published, or
  • Featured people

With this new and improved Library of Resources, we aim to make finding answers to your soil health questions even easier. Check it out here >>

Then, once you’re done exploring the Library of Resources, make sure to take a tour around the other areas of our website. We’ve made several updates, so don’t miss out on meeting the SHP team, learning about our SHP Partner Farmers, or exploring our wide variety of informational resources!