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Bayer is proud to be a founding member of the Soil Health Partnership (SHP). We recognize the need and opportunity to gain a better understanding of soil health. SHP allowed for the creation of a farmer-led collaboration that drives the focus on implementing the most impactful projects and practices in operations while achieving positive environmental outcomes. We realized the challenge of improving soil health was not something we could accomplish alone and sharing knowledge through partnerships is the best approach.

At Bayer, we believe agriculture can have a positive impact on the environment. As a leader in the industry, we have the opportunity – and responsibility – to address the challenges of climate change, biodiversity loss and food security to create a better tomorrow for our planet. Implementing practices that improve soil health improve on-farm productivity while reducing environmental impacts.

SHP is the first organization of its kind to bring together farmers, industry and environmental groups to focus on the common goal of improving soil health. All partners endorse the belief that improved soil health can lead to higher yields, improved farmer profitability, better crop resilience to extreme weather, preserving soil and water biodiversity and enhanced utilization and retention of nutrients for the crop.

Farmers are always looking for ways to improve their operations and make a positive impact on the environment. They rely on their peers to learn how adopting new technologies and practices can improve soil health and make their own operations more sustainable. Engaging farmers as advocates and educators is key in driving adoption of sustainable agriculture practices.

Reaching the 5-year milestone is a huge success as we have seen the program grow and reach many farmers across the Midwest. The SHP team has been able to help farmers implement new practices and see results on their own operations. It is proof that a big challenge requires many working together towards a common goal. SHP has brought multiple organizations with diverse perspectives to the table to accomplish what no one entity can do alone. Bayer is proud to partner with SHP and celebrates the work the team has done to scale progress and provide significant impacts for the agriculture industry.


The Soil Health Partnership (SHP) is celebrating its fifth anniversary as a farmer-led initiative fostering transformation in agriculture through improved soil health. SHP has grown from 17 active farms in 2014 to 220 active farms in 2019. SHP represents around 6,000 acres, spans across 16 states and partners with over 100 organizations at the federal, state and county levels. Join us as we reflect on the past five years and celebrate the opportunities ahead!