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The National Wheat Foundation (NWF) is excited to have wheat farmers engaged in the Soil Health Partnership (SHP) as it celebrates its 5th anniversary. We look forward to SHP expanding with wheat, and similar success in wheat as has been seen with corn farmers.

NWF values the SHP established network of corn and soybean farmers who are taking part in research efforts to understand the impact of conservation practices on their operation. As a foundation, we felt it was vital to ensure wheat producers, especially in the Northern and Southern Plains states, were included in this existing SHP framework. Wheat cropping systems provide opportunities to improve soil health, which has strengthened the partnership between NWF and SHP.

Wheat farmers understand the need to be good stewards of the land and strive to leave it in better condition for future generations. This means incorporating soil health practices into their operations. Joining the SHP Steering Committee allows NWF to take an active role in wheat grower involvement. Using the established network of farms enrolled in SHP, we are increasing wheat grower participation in the partnership, and sharing data and sustainability metrics for wheat production.

NWF looks forward to being part of the future success of SHP.


The Soil Health Partnership (SHP) is celebrating its fifth anniversary as a farmer-led initiative fostering transformation in agriculture through improved soil health. SHP has grown from 17 active farms in 2014 to 220 active farms in 2019. SHP represents around 6,000 acres, spans across 16 states and partners with over 100 organizations at the federal, state and county levels. Join us as we reflect on the past five years and celebrate the opportunities ahead!