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Jack Cornell
  • M.S. Plant Science, Missouri State University
  • Lives in Edwardsville, Illinois

Jack Cornell

Field Team Director – East | Tennessee Field Manager

Jack Cornell is the Soil Health Partnership Field Manager Director, helping to provide support for the field staff and oversight on data collection efforts.  Jack also stays well connected to farmers as he manages numerous strip trials in our expanding geographies.  Additionally, Jack works towards improving automation and process improvements that will help farmers retrieve valuable information faster.

Early in his career, Jack worked as a naturalist where he enjoyed connecting with and educating the community about the ecosystems that surround them.  Jack then earned his master’s degree from Missouri State University in Plant Science where he focused on how ecosystems were affected by different management strategies. Jack started working for the Soil Health Partnership to take the accumulated farm management knowledge from his early career, his education, and his later years working for Monsanto in Hawaii and St. Louis across the entire Midwest.  

Jack lives in Edwardsville, Illinois with his wife and their children.