On-Farm Research

SHP Farmers and regional Field Managers collaborate to conduct field trials that compare soil health practices to the historical field management.

SHP works closely with our Farmers throughout the year as they try new practices, collect data to improve decision-making, and reduce the risk of adopting alternative practices.


The SHP Network

The SHP research network spans over 16 states and more than 200 farmers and 7,000 research acres. With this vast network we are learning how changes in management are affecting numerous soil types, varying cash crop rotations, and many other variables that could benefit you at a local level.

Research Trials

Our farmers participate in trials in one of two trial setups.


Strip Trials

These trials collect Agronomic, Soil, Yield, & Economic data over 5 years on randomized, replicated strips.

The signature SHP trial, Strip Trials use a control and treatment randomized across eight strips. Each strip is designed to be a few combine widths wide so that it will reduce implementation errors and allow farmers to have more flexibility and have the trial design to best fit their equipment.


Side-by-side Trials

These trials collect a core set of agronomic and management variables over 3 years on a split-field trial.

A less intensive version of the Strip Trials, Side-by-side Trials bring a broader group of farmers into our network. Side-by-side Trials support SHP’s mission by including more cropping systems and geographies, as well as strengthening the breadth and depth of our data.

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