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Soil science

What Human Health Can Teach Us About Soil

November 19, 2020

It’s been said many times before and it’ll be said many times again: we live in an instant gratification world. From fast food to fast information to fast delivery – when we want something, we want it now…and we usually get it. Many of us have the same wishes for soil health. What is the exact […]

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Cover crops, Farmer programs, Industry partnerships, Nutrient management, Tillage

17. Ben Gleason – Soil Health Awareness is ‘Mission Accomplished’ at IA Corn

November 17, 2020

Iowa Corn has several major goals that drive programs and projects for their sustainability platform: Protect and improve the land, water, and natural resources Minimize regulations on farmers that could potentially reduce profitability Maintain farmers’ social license to operate Be a leader in sustainability, making sure that sustainability is a part of all programming Ben […]

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Nutrient management

Livestock Manure’s Role in Soil Health

November 12, 2020

Livestock manure is known to provide valuable nutrients to the soil. And, if managed correctly, it can also provide additional benefits by improving the soil’s biological, chemical and physical properties. How livestock manure affects soil health Manure is composed of four main components: carbon, nutrients, microbial life, and water. Livestock manure is mainly composed of […]

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Cover crops, Nutrient management

Cover Crop Lessons from an Iowa Farmer: Take Your Time

November 5, 2020

When Roger Zylstra and his son Wesley started experimenting with cover crops on their central Iowa farm in 2014, they weren’t exactly sure what to expect. They had a goal to improve stewardship of their land and resources but, at the time, didn’t really know where that would take them. Their experiment – cereal rye […]

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Soil science

16. Dr. Steve Wood – Accessible Data for Everyone with AgEvidence

November 3, 2020

AgEvidence is a new online dashboard where farmers and soil health experts can access cutting-edge research into the impact of soil health practices in the U.S. Corn Belt. Dr. Steve Wood, Senior Scientist for Agriculture and Food Systems for The Nature Conservancy and AgEvidence project lead, believes the tool gives access to foundational data on […]

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