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The Benefits of Grazing Cover Crops

April 7, 2021

SHP Field Manager Dustin Brucker shares how cover crops can be used for livestock feed, either by grazing or harvesting for forage. Learn more at soilhealthpartnership.org.

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Cover crops, Farmer programs, Grazing, Tillage

19. Mikayla Tabert – Diversification and Innovation are Key at Trinity Creek Ranch

December 15, 2020

If you could choose only three words to describe Trinity Creek Ranch in Red Lake Falls, Minn., you would probably land somewhere in the realm of diversification, innovation and family. That combination of values is why we’re so glad to have Mikayla Tabert from Trinity Creek join us on The People of Soil Health Podcast. […]

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Cover crops, Grazing, Industry partnerships

12. Kent Solberg, Crop Diversity & Soil

September 8, 2020

Kent Solberg is a livestock and grazing specialist for the Sustainable Farming Association, as well as a field consultant for Understanding Ag, and a farmer. He is interested in the ability of well-managed soil to transform farms, families, and even communities. He believes diversity is key. “We’re focusing on these key principles of soil health: […]

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Cover crops, Grazing

Utilizing Cover Crops as Forages

September 3, 2020

Harvest is approaching quickly and, with that, many people are thinking about getting cover crops seeded, if they haven’t already. As you plan for your cover crop, think about what your goals are. Do you plan on harvesting those cover crops for stored forages? Will you have livestock grazing the cover crop? Regardless of which […]

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Experimental Grazing & Hay Production

December 26, 2019

After spending much of my career advising other farmers, I wanted to do research on my own farm to understand the impact of grazing on soil and how it could improve the economics of the farm. I was rotationally grazing cattle and sheep on 160 acres that included pasture ground, and hay production acres as well. One […]

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Cover crops, Grazing

Grazing Timing and Cover Crops

December 19, 2019

Grazing can provide many benefits to your operation such as producing feed for livestock, lengthening the grazing season, and producing a second crop off of your corn and soybean acres; however, implementing grazing requires planning. One thing to consider is the time of year your livestock will be utilizing this additional grazing and what cover crops make […]

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3 Ways Grazing Can Benefit Your Farm

December 17, 2019

Planting annual cover crops in between cash cropping systems can be a great way to produce extra forage and extend the grazing season. Cover crop grazing can provide benefits to your operation including saving time, money and improving soil health. Cost-Savings One of the biggest expenses for any cattle farmer is feed costs. By keeping […]

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Grazing During a Wet Spring

May 16, 2019

Planting annuals in between cash cropping systems can be a great way to produce extra forage and extend the grazing season. And one of the simplest techniques to do this across the Midwest is to plant cereal rye after a corn crop ahead of next year’s soybeans. Cereal rye is very winter hardy and can […]

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