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Ep. 31: Trey Hill – Experimenting with Carbon Markets

Farmer programs, Industry partnerships

Trey Hill, who owns and operates Harborview Farms in partnership with his father, is no stranger to conservation agriculture.

“I’m a Midwestern farm trapped in Maryland, I would like to say. We till a little over 10,000 acres. We grow corn, soybeans, wheat, and some barley for malting purposes,” he explained on The People of Soil Health Podcast. “We’re 100% cover cropped. I like to say we’re 100% no-tilled, but we’re probably 99% or 99.5% no-till. We’re still doing a little bit of tillage on some headlands and what not.”

And, so, when “dumb luck” gave him the opportunity to experiment with carbon markets – someone he knew introduced him to the team at Nori – he jumped at the chance to capitalize on his efforts.

“I’m very positive on it,” Trey said. “I think it’s really good for agriculture. I think it gets us in a whole other conversation.”

One of those conversations included being interviewed recently for an article in The Washington Post – something he’s very proud of because it was positive coverage of how farmers are helping mitigate climate change.

“How hard is it for a farmer to get into the Washington Post with a positive story?” he said, still amazed himself. “If you have a good story to tell, you have to tell it.”

To learn more about Trey’s experience in carbon markets, cover cropping, no-till, and his partnership with SHP, tune in to episode 31 of The People of Soil Health podcast in the player above or in your favorite podcast app.

NOTE: The mission of SHP is to help farmers adopt soil health practices for environmental and economic benefits. SHP does not support or endorse any particular carbon market or program. Our goal with The People of Soil Health Podcast is to provide a space for dialogue around relevant topics related to soil health and conservation agriculture.