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One of our team members, Keith Byerly, has been known to remind us from time-to-time that each planting, each harvest – it only happens once. That while we can always learn from this year as we consider what we’ll do in the next, we don’t get a do-over on this trip around the sun. His reminders always seem to give us perspective on the importance of each decision we make on our farms, and the responsibility we have in making sure agriculture remains a sustainable endeavor for many years to come. 

With only so many chances to plant and harvest a crop in our lifetimes, the choices we make to build soil health – to leave the land more productive and resilient for future generations – are ones worth reflecting on. How will my decisions impact my soils? What can I do today so that the next person farming this ground can do so successfully?

At Soil Health Partnership, we are committed to helping you answer those questions. We want to give you the support needed to make the most of your time on the farm – and hopefully leave a legacy for the future.

Thank you to Iowa farmer and former NCGA president, Kevin Ross, for sharing your farm in this video and letting us take a glimpse into the legacy you’re building.