Kristin Poley | Michigan Research Manager

Kristin Poley is the Michigan Research Manager for the Soil Health Partnership (SHP) with the primary responsibility to build research partnerships and help answer key soil health and water quality questions. This role represents the joint support of Michigan Corn, SHP, and Michigan TNC. Kristin will also be the liaison for the SHP expansion into Michigan, augmenting the existing site, and supporting analysis of data already being collected throughout the multi-state network. 

Kristin grew up in Sturgis, Michigan on a Christmas tree farm. She attended Michigan State University majoring in Fisheries and Wildlife Biology with a focus on Conservation Biology. She then began working in an entomology lab at Michigan State University which led Kristin to pursue a Master’s degree in Entomology focusing on Organic Pest Management. Her research at that time focused on apples and a wide variety of vegetables. After wrapping up her Master’s degree, she worked for three years in the Applied Nematology Lab on the Michigan State Campus where she studied nematode management and soil health. 

Kristin now resides in St. Johns, Michigan with her husband, Nathan on a few acres raising chickens, geese, and ducks.