Alex Fiock | Field Manager – Northern Indiana & Ohio

Alex Fiock is an Northern Indiana & Ohio Field Manager for the Soil Health Partnership. He also oversees farm economics work for SHP.

A graduate of Purdue University, Alex majored in natural resource environmental science with a focus in agronomy and soil science. He spent summers at Purdue interning with local ag retain locations, and worked in seed sales after graduation, covering 15 Indiana counties.

Outside of the typical definition, soil health, to me, means that the soil is functioning and working for you, without constant work and effort from yourself to make it do so. It is it’s own self-sustaining system.”

Alex is still actively involved in his family farming operation in Bluffton, Indiana, where he was raised and now resides with his wife Rachel. The farm grows popcorn, corn and soybeans. Alex credits his grandfather for fostering his love of farming and his interest in soil.

In his free time, you can find Alex golfing in the summer and participating in basketball leagues in the winter.