2019 Cover Crops Planting Report – Virtual Press Conference

Soil Sessions – Aerial Seeding

Soil Sessions – Quality in, Quality out – Dos and Don'ts of Soil Sampling, hosted by Dr. Nick Ward

Soil Sessions: Soil Health Indicators

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Why Deerfield Farms joined SHP

Bryan Boyle & Deerfield Farms, of the Soil Health Partnership

Soil Sessions: Welcome to 2020, SHP's Next Phase

Soil Sessions: Transitioning to No-till

Soil Sessions – Interseeding Cover Crops in Corn

Soil Sessions – Soil Health on Rented Farmland – Opportunities with Non-Operating Landowners

Soil Sessions – U.S. Crop Update and Scouting Tips

Soil Sessions – Soil Sampling: What are we measuring, seeing and interpreting

U.S. Ag SubCommittee Hearing: Managing for Soil Health – Dr. Shefali Mehta, Soil Health Partnership

Soil Sessions – Digging Into Cover Crops

Soil Sessions – The Associate Program: Expanding the SHP Farmer Network

Soil Sessions – The State of the Soil Health Partnership

The Future Starts Now

Everything Starts with Soil

All in a Day's Work – Abigail's Story

Farming for a Sustainable Future

Andrew Reuschel on Cover Crops and the Soil Health Partnership

Kirk Kimble on Soil Health and Water Quality in the Soil Heath Partnership

Dave Beard on Soil Health and Technology in the Soil Health Partnership

New Frontier in Agriculture: A Soil Health Story in 360 Degrees

Zylstra Field Day time lapse

Soil Health Field Day – Zylstra Farm/Lynnville, IA

A Love of Soil Science: Meet Elyssa McFarland, Soil Health Partnership Field Manager

Tony the Tiger with the Soil Health Partnership as featured on AgDay

Seipold Farm Highlight

2017 Soil Health Partnership

Terry Bachtold, of the Soil Health Partnership

Farmers to the Rescue: How Healthy Soil Can Save the Planet

Mike Trainor, of the Soil Health Partnership

Steve Berger, of the Soil Health Partnership

David Brown, Decatur, Illinois

Tim Seifert, Farmer – Auburn, Illinois

Dave Moose – Soil Health Partnership

Tim Smith – Soil Health Partnership