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Farmer programs

Taking a Long-Term Perspective on Soil Health – Greg Whitmore

Nebraska farmer Greg Whitmore shares about the conservation practices he uses on his farm, why he cares about investing in soil health, and the value of collaborating with Soil Health Partnership.

Farmer programs

Bridging the Gap – Keith Byerly

SHP Field Team Director–West Keith Byerly shares why it’s important for farmers to focus on soil health and how SHP helps bridge the gap between “the folks who are studying and the folks who are practicing.”

Farmer programs, Industry partnerships

Maximizing Impact Through Partnerships – John Mesko

SHP Senior Director John Mesko shares how SHP’s connection to real, working farms is key to building industry partnerships and maximizing our impact on soil health and sustainability.

Cover crops, Farmer programs, Tillage

Grains and Greens Family Farms on Long-Term Soil Health and SHP

Ryan and Carrie Sanders are testing cover crops, no-till and other conservation practices to understand their long-term impact. They are starting to see difference now, and they look forward to the differences they will see in 10+ years.

Cover crops, Wheat

Wheat Week Session 3 – Virtual Field Day from Minnesota

Learn more about growing wheat and other cover crops for soil health from Minnesota farmers Glenn Hjelle and Trinity Creek Ranch. Additionally, SHP Field Manager Anna Teeter talks with Missy Carlson from Minnesota Wheat about what she’s seeing around the state and all Wheat Week farmer guests join us for a Q&A session..

Cover crops, Soil science, Wheat

Wheat Week Session 2 – Virtual Field Day from Kansas

Learn more about growing wheat for soil health from Kansas farmers Justin Knopf and Mike Jordan. Additionally, SHP Field Manager Keith Byerly demonstrates two easy ways to evaluate soil health and Jay Wiseby from Kansas State Extension shares observations from the 2019 wheat growing season and predictions for 2020.

Cover crops, Wheat

Wheat Week Session 1 – The Wheat Industry’s Perspective on Soil Health

Join SHP Senior Director John Mesko, as he sits down with representatives from across the wheat industry to discuss why and how their organizations are investing in soil health and sustainability.

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