The People of Soil Health Podcast

The People of Soil Health Podcast provides a direct connection into the network of soil health professionals who are focused on the on-farm economic and environmental benefits of soil health.

Host John MeskoSHP Senior Director, interviews the best in the agricultural and environmental industries to discuss soil health practices and management systems, issues facing farmers, and insights from soil data sets. 

Tune in to listen to experts answer soil health questions, share their experiences, and more.

10. Wayne Honeycutt – Farmer Adoption of Best Soil Health Practices is Key

Host, John Mesko, talks with Wayne Honeycutt, CEO of the Soil Health Institute (SHI), which is focused on the science of soil health and how different practices impact different elements of the soil. They discuss how Wayne became passionate about soil health, how soil health management practices can benefit agriculture environmentally and economically, and SHI’s vision for the future. Show notes   


09. Debbie Reed – Translating Consumer Preferences to Farmer Opportunities

Host, John Mesko, talks with Debbie Reed, executive director of the Ecosystems Services Market Consortium (ESMC), a market designed to sell carbon, water quality and water quantity credits for the agriculture sector. The ESMC considers agriculture an incredibly important component of natural resource preservation and enhancement in our country and helps farmers capitalize on their environmental investments. Show notes


08. Jim Isermann – Cover Crop Report Yields Great Insight for SHP

Jim Isermann, SHP Field Manager for Northern Illinois and Wisconsin, talks with host John Mesko uncovering the first-ever 2019 Cover Crops Planting Report. The Cover Crop Planting Report consists of answers from 80 farmers that participated in SHP programs in 2019. Those 80 farmers live in eleven different states and provided information about the cover crops that they seeded last year. Listen in to learn more, and download the full 2019 Cover Crops Planting Report. Show notes


07. Elyssa McFarland – Soil science is the new frontier in agriculture

Iowa farmer and SHP Development Manager talked with John Mesko about the future of soil health. As a farmer, she sees anecdotal changes on her farm due to the soil health management practices she’s incorporated. As a researcher, she is really interested in being able to measure and track the changes and tie them to outcomes on the farm. In Elyssa’s mind, soil health is the new frontier in agriculture. Show notes


06. Jay Watson – Why soil health is a win-win-win situation

Jay Watson, Sourcing Sustainability Engagement Manager for General Mills, chats with host John Mesko about why General Mills is so invested in soil health. He believes focusing on soil health and improving natural resources is a win-, win-, win for the producers, for the environment, and for downstream food companies. Show notes


05. Mike Jordan – Growing Cover Crops In Difficult Places

Mike Jordan, a wheat farmer in Kansas, joined the Soil Health Partnership to gain access to expertise and see if he could make cover crops work on his farm after a few years of trying it on his own with only minimal success. After years of inconsistent success with cover crops, Mike is taking a new approach. Show notes


04. Kristin Poley – Translating data to real work answers

Kristin Poley, SHP Michigan Research Manager, is focused on building research partnerships that help answer key soil health and water quality questions. She leverages Michigan’s diverse regions to examine the many challenges and motivations farmers experience while trying to build soil health. Show notes


03. Dr. LaKisha Obom – A comprehensive approach to soil health 

Dr. LaKisha Odom is the Scientific Program Director for the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research. With partnerships at the core of her work, Dr. Odom oversees the Soil Health Initiative, an example of how organizations can leverage their expertise and learnings to accelerate the adoption of soil health practices. Show notes 


02. Pipa Eilas – Allies in conservation

As Director of Agriculture for The Nature Conservancy (TNC) in North America, Pipa Elias leads a team of experts in a collaborative approach to help producers meet the growing demand for food while protecting critical lands and waters. Show notes 


01. Dr. Maria Bowman – Economic Benefits of a Wheat Cover Crop

As Lead Scientists for the Soil Health Partnership, Dr. Maria Bowman leads the scientific and data plan for the partnership. She recently published a business case that focuses on the economic benefits of wheat cover crop management practices when adopted at scale. Show notes

Trailer – This Podcast Starts April 7th!