Soil Health Summit Sessions


The year 2019 is full of promise for the exciting frontier of soil health. This marks the first time the Soil Health Partnership will have three years of consistent data from working farms to interpret and share insights. You’ll hear what we’ve learned from the new Executive Director, who has made processing the data her top priority, along with SHP’s new Lead Scientist. Plus, just how does soil health intersect with agriculture’s end user – the consumer? And do they really care what happens on the farm? We’ll hear from top food companies on why this effort is key to their business and sustainability strategies, and how it can ultimately improve the outlook for everyone. We’ll also hear from a top partner, The Nature Conservancy, on why collaboration between ag and environmental groups is more vital than ever in 2019.

Landowners and Soil Health: How to Have a Productive Relationship

Whether you’re renting an apartment, a house or your farmland, doing the renovations you want takes buy-in from the landlord. This interactive discussion will provide some tips for having a soil health conversation with landowners…to meet grower goals while helping landowners maintain and improve their land asset.

Cereal Killer: Herbicide Considerations for Cover Crop Control

This session will discuss the current challenges of cover crop chemical control, and the effects of herbicide carryover on cover crops. Learn what chemical considerations to account for when spraying corn and soybeans, as well as how post applications and/or rescue treatments might affect cover crop establishment.

Learning the Ropes of Cover Crop Grazing

If you have livestock that help make your business a success, maybe they deserve a cocktail…or a shot of rye? This session will help you learn how to incorporate cover crops into your beef, dairy, goat and sheep operations to improve soil health, while also diversifying grazing and feed options for your livestock. Lots of tips will be over-herd!

From the Hill to the Home: Understanding New Federal Policy and Regulation

2018 has been an interesting year for agriculture: from trade policy to herbicide safety to consumer engagement through the Farm Bill. Join us for an update of what regulations changes have taken place, from federal policy to key state-level decisions that may influence other geographies. We’ll explore how these changes affect you.

Coffee Talk: Discussing Soil Health Around the Table

Pretend you’re at the kitchen table with farmers and agronomists for a free-flowing discussion on cover crops, nutrient management, weed management and tillage practices. We’ll have everything but the kitchen sink!

Are you #SocialMediaSmart? Using Social Media to Take Your Business up a Notch

Social media in agriculture is more than just tractor memes and harvest pics. It’s a powerful tool to help educate others, network, and grow your business. In this session, you’ll learn the latest trends in social media, see the results of the SHP #SoilSmart campaign, and discover how you can most effectively use this 21st Century tool to take your operation to the next level. Also, a great session for non-farmers, this session is suited for “socialites” of all levels.

Plus Evening Reception with Exhibitors from Across the Ag Industry