What is the Soil Health Partnership?


The Soil Health Partnership is a farmer-led initiative of the National Corn Growers Association that brings together diverse partner organizations including federal agencies, universities and environmental groups to work toward the common goal of improving soil health. We have a demonstration site network of 65 farmers across the Midwest testing practices that can improve soil health, including:

  • Reduced tillage
  • Advanced nutrient management
  • Cover crops

We collect data with the guidance of the SHP Science Advisory Council, which is shared through SHP events, networking, and technical assistance.

What does the Soil Health Partnership support?

We work with farmers to identify their soil health concerns and identify which practices would be feasible to incorporate into their existing management. This process allows for farmers to customize how they implement soil health improvement on their farm, while our data collection process helps evaluate how well that management change is preforming for soil health improvement and economic feasibility.

Why attend a Soil Health Partnership field day or other event?

The goal of an SHP event, like the many field days we host, is to engage with farmers at a local level, and answer their questions about soil health and adoption of soil management practices. Each SHP event is planned with guidance from local farmers to help provide speakers and information that are most relevant to your community. SHP events provide a venue for networking among farmers about how to most effectively adapt management practices for their local growing conditions and cropping systems. We plan to hold events at each location for every year of the study, so your feedback will be used to plan future events!

How to I find out about Soil Health Partnership events? Details and RSVP information for each event can be found at soilhealthpartnership.org. There, you can also read more about what SHP is working on, sign up for our newsletter, and read profiles or watch videos about our demo farmers.


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