Maddy Rabenhorst | Field Manager South Dakota and North Dakota

Maddy Rabenhorst is the South Dakota and North Dakota Field Manager for the Soil Health Partnership. She previously worked at a local cooperative as a sales agronomist and precision ag manager.

Maddy holds a Bachelor of Science degree from South Dakota State University, with a minor in insect pest management. She is working toward a Master of Science in Agronomy through Iowa State University’s distance learning program.

Born and raised on her family’s fourth generation farm in Bristol, South Dakota, Maddy now farms with her husband in southeast South Dakota. They grow corn and soybeans. As young farmers they quickly realized that to keep farming and to pass a farm down to their future kids and grandkids, they needed to start adopting sustainable practices. Maddy and her husband are currently using a minimum tillage program and are planning to switch to 100% no-till over the next ten years and incorporate cover crops.

Maddy’s background in IT and customer support shines through when working with her farmers. She enjoys digging into the data to help farmers understand how they can improve their farms both environmentally and economically.

In addition to spoiling their two dogs, Maddy’s enjoys running, hiking in the Black Hills and being outdoors on her farm whenever possible.

Fun Fact about Maddy: Her hometown, Bristol, South Dakota, is home to the annual Zucchini festival where the community comes together and participates in fun games and activities all centered around zucchini.