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Cover crops
John talking to farmer in corn field

June 4, 2020

Aerial Applied Cover Crop Seeding

One of the main challenges many farmers face with cover crops is finding the time to execute their cover crop plan. Time is scarce and valuable during the fall due to harvest, so some farmers choose to seed during the cash crop growing season. Not all seeding methods work for every farmer, and there are many options out there.

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Cover crops, Tillage
shoes with soil sampler

May 28, 2020

3 Ways Cover Crops Impact No-Till Success

No-till provides many benefits, including building soil structure, increasing water holding capacity and infiltration, increasing worm counts, in addition to reducing soil erosion. Cover crops are a great tool to use in conjunction with  no-till to enhance soil health benefits.

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Farmer programs
soybean field

May 28, 2020

Soil Health Partnership Expands into Tennessee

The Soil Health Partnership and The Nature Conservancy are pleased to announce the expansion into Tennessee through foundational support from the Tennessee Department of Agriculture and the Tennessee Natural Resources Conservation Service. Through a collaborative effort to bring the SHP network to Tennessee, 16 farmers will be signed up to participate in one of two trial setups. The Strip Trials […]

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SHP team

May 21, 2020

New Faces, New Experiences: SHP Welcomes New Intern

This summer, the Soil Health Partnership welcomes Krystin Oborny to the staff as an intern. Throughout the summer, Krystin will be assisting with various SHP projects.

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Soil sampling
up-close soil sample

May 14, 2020

The Dos and Don’ts of Soil Sampling

Soil sampling can be a great step in the pursuit of healthier soils, but it is not always easy to get soil sampling right. The correct procedures yield the best data, and the best data helps farmers achieve the healthiest soil. But how do you get the best data?

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Cover crops
Abigail field day

April 23, 2020

The Importance of Cover Crop Planting

Cover crops have  proven to show many benefits, but as farmers begin to implement them into their operations, it can be a big shift in methodology. When moving forward with this new experience, it’s becoming increasingly critical for farmers to give their cover crops as much attention as they would a cash crop.

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Nutrient management
soil in hands

April 20, 2020

SHP and TFI publish Nutrient Management Profiles

In partnership with The Fertilizer Institute (TFI), SHP published two profiles discussing SHP farmers who are implementing soil health management practices and the changes in their nutrient management strategy. 

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Soil science
soybean rows

April 16, 2020

Carbon Insetting Framework: A Tool for Economic Incentives

At Commodity Classic, Soil Health Partnership Senior Director John Mesko introduced the new Carbon Insetting Framework that will help farmers verify and validate carbon that has been put into the ground and utilize the economic benefits that come with taking advantage of climate smart practices.

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Soil health indicators
up close soybeans

April 9, 2020

Soil Health is Not Formulaic: Soil Health Indicators Webinar Explains More

Every farmer wants their soil to be healthy; many probably already believe that it is.  But how can you know for sure?  Anna Teeter, Soil Health Partnership Minnesota Field Manager, walks us through soil and soil health indicators during the most recent Soil Sessions Webinar held March 31 and recorded for later viewing.

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Soil health indicators
shovel with dirt

March 26, 2020

5 Ways to Evaluate the Health of Your Soil

There are three main types of soil health indicators: chemical, biological and physical. While soil testing through a laboratory is required to determine many of these, there are ways to physically assess your soil at home.

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