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Cover crops, Tillage
Field with strip tillage

October 8, 2020

Strip-till Benefits & Management

For generations, farmers have been aggressively tilling fields and seeing success on their farms and in their yields. However, in recent decades, weather changes, economics, and conservation efforts to improve soil health and sustainability have led some growers to move to a no-till system. Often growers categorize themselves as either conventional tillage or no-till.  However, […]

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Precision ag/Data
Casey Kelleher in combine

October 1, 2020

What to Know About Your Yield Monitor

“Harvest 2020 is a once-in-a-lifetime event.” That was the take-home message Keith Byerly shared on his recent Soil Sessions webinar, Fall Preparations for Harvest Success. In his presentation, which centered on yield data collection, Keith emphasized that we only get one shot to collect data from the 2020 harvest – so it is important that our data collection system is ready to head to the fields when we are.

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SHP team

September 24, 2020

SHP Welcomes Dr. Lin Liu as UMN Postdoc

Dr. Lin Liu recently began working with the Soil Health Partnership (SHP) team through her role as a Postdoctoral Associate at the GEMS Informatics Center at the University of Minnesota (UMN). As part of this unique collaboration between SHP and UMN, she will be working with colleagues to analyze soil health data and disseminate knowledge […]

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Soil science
Brent Bible in tractor cab

September 24, 2020

3 Questions About Harvest Yield Monitors

One of the most challenging aspects of farming is that, unlike other areas of life, there’s rarely an in-the-moment chance at a do-over. When the weather is right, it’s time to roll. Planting. Harvest. You only get to do it once under that exact timing, with those exact conditions. That means, when it comes to […]

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Cover crops, Industry partnerships, Wheat
Wheat straw bale

September 17, 2020

SHP Explores Wheat’s Role in Soil Health

SHP’s Wheat Week – held September 8-10 – consisted of three consecutive days of virtual events exploring wheat’s role in soil health.

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SHP team
Computer in field

September 10, 2020

Have A Soil Health Question? Start Here!

It’s only normal that questions about soil health will pop up from time-to-time. Questions like: How do I get started with cover crops? What’s the best way to talk to my landowner about conservation practices? What’s it like to use UAVs to check my crops? How can I incorporate grazing into my operation? Well, lucky […]

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Cover crops, Grazing
Cattle grazing cover crops

September 3, 2020

Utilizing Cover Crops as Forages

Harvest is approaching quickly and, with that, many people are thinking about getting cover crops seeded, if they haven’t already. As you plan for your cover crop, think about what your goals are. Do you plan on harvesting those cover crops for stored forages? Will you have livestock grazing the cover crop? Regardless of which […]

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Field checks
farmer checking corn

August 27, 2020

Have Armyworms Marched Into Your Fields?

Scouting for insect pests is critical for effective pest management. Throughout the growing season there are many different insect pests that farmers should be on the lookout for. Japanese Beetle, Corn Rootworm and Western Bean Cutworm are examples of some of the pests that are consistently detected above threshold levels across the Midwest. Some insect […]

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wheat harvest

August 20, 2020

SHP to Spotlight Unique Benefits of Wheat

The Soil Health Partnership is dedicating three days to wheat’s role in soil health during Wheat Week September 8-10, 2020. Each day will consist of a virtual field day that begins at 9:00 am Central Time. “We have partnered with several organizations, along with farmers in Minnesota and Kansas, to spotlight the unique benefits of […]

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Farmer programs, Industry partnerships
wheat field

August 19, 2020

SHP to Host “Wheat Week” Virtual Field Days

Join us virtually for SHP’s Wheat Week, September 8th-10th, 2020. On day one, we’ll get perspectives on soil health from our wheat industry partners. Then, on days two and three, hear from SHP farmer partners to see the wheat trials they are implementing. They will share their challenges and goals for soil health on their […]

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