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Why SHP is launching a "blog"

Why SHP is launching a "blog"

By Shefali Mehta, Executive Director on Thursday, 28 March, 2019

The Soil Health Partnership continues to grow and evolve. After 5 years and our recent refresh, SHP has a lot to share: from what we have learned working side-by-side with farmers across the US to the continuous emerging insights from our growing unique data set to the multitude of lessons that our team members have learned in the fields, in the labs and at conferences across the nation.

Efficiency is key for a small, but growing team, who has so much to share. In an effort to bring more to those who may be interested, we have launched a blog that allows the entire SHP team to contribute information and highlight some of the critical learnings.

SHP sits in a unique space nestled within the country’s largest trade association, a major global agribusiness, two major international NGOs and numerous partners up and down the full agricultural and food value chain. It is not an easy feat to coordinate and align across such diverse partners and perspectives. The fact that SHP still exists and is more relevant and stable than ever indicates that we have learned a few things about what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to operating in a complex space that combines detailed on-farm operations, data and outreach.

Our unique set of partners also brings another angle and opportunity. We will use this blog to share the voices and stories of the many who shape our journey and add to the soil health dialogue.  

Why “blog” in parentheses? This online platform will be our version of a blog and serve as our main communication arm. From technical insights to light-hearted updates, this blog will cover many topics and be authored by many individuals. At a minimum, you will see posts from us every 2 weeks.

SHP is blazing a trail forward. Please join us on our journey, share your ideas, contribute to our dialogue and enjoy the dynamic evolving space of soil health.