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Welcome the Inaugural Farmer Advisory Committee

Welcome the Inaugural Farmer Advisory Committee

By Shefali Mehta on Thursday, 18 July, 2019

The Soil Health Partnership’s value for soil health and agriculture is driven by the fact that it is a National Corn Growers Association effort, supported also by the National Wheat Foundation, that is led by farmers. However, as we grow, we have a greater need for further input from farmers. I am excited to announce the formation of a Farmer Advisory Committee to provide consistent input to SHP on its strategic vision and program delivery. This will ensure we deliver value to farmers and agriculture, and continue to evolve in line with the dynamics of the agricultural system. 

Through monthly meetings, the group of SHP farmers will discuss a wide range of topics including data collection and analysis, communicating information back to farmers, and sharing knowledge through the farmer network. We are starting with a smaller group, since it is the first year, to ensure that we have a system in place that we can build upon in subsequent years.

I am excited to present the inaugural Farmer Advisory Committee. The initial term is one-year as we develop this new committee. 

Elyssa McFarland, Iowa

Dave Rylander, Illinois 

Doug Palen, Kansas

Ryan Moore, Indiana

Roger Zylstra, Iowa

Karen Seipold, Iowa

Greg Whitmore, Nebraska

We greatly appreciate all of their work and investment in soil health, and I look forward to working with the committee to strengthen SHP’s work.