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2018 Newsletters

Summer 2018:
  • Field Days on the ground now!
  • SHP farmer featured in Farm & Ranch
  • New faces at the Soil Health Partnership

Fall 2018:
  • A Boo-tiful Bounty: Gathering Harvest Data
  • If You’ve Got it, Haunt it: Take our FieldRise Assessment in November
  • SHP Gets a ‘Scream-Out’ in the New York Times
  • SHP’s Newest Ghoul-friend: Meet Stacey Stiens

Winter 2018:
  • SHP Celebrates World Soil Day 2018
  • Maria Bowman Hired as SHP Lead Scientist
  • Considering a Drone for Your Holiday Wish List?
  • Welcome Aboard, Maddy!
  • Field Manager, Jim Isermann Honored with NCGA Recognition Award

2019 Newsletters

Spring 2019:
  • Soil Sampling Details
  • Celebrating Elyssa McFarland
  • Farmer Advisory Committee Invite

Summer 2019:
  • Corn Associations Commit to SHP
  • Summer Research Meetings
  • Welcoming New SHP Faces

Fall 2019:
  • SHP celebrates 5 years
  • Field Days recap
  • Drone scouting tips