SHP Associate Program

About the Associate Program

The Soil Health Partnership Associate Program is designed to allow more farmers to join our network and to help in delivering our mission – using science and data to support farmers in adopting agricultural practices that improve the environmental and economic sustainability of the farm. 

The Associate Program is a less-intensive version of the full Farmer Partner sites in SHP. It compliments the full sites, which form the foundation of SHP. We are entering the 2nd year of this pilot project. 

In addition to bringing a broader group of farmers into our network, this new program will help us include more cropping systems and geographies, as well as strengthen the breadth and depth of our data.

The Associate Program is structured to ensure we meet farmer needs while adhering to the SHP’s strict science guidelines:

  • 2-year enrollment for pilot sites
  • Two soil health samples taken using key soil health metrics
  • Trial Layout:
    • 3 treatment options
      1. Cover crop vs. no cover crop
      2. Tillage vs. less intrusive tillage/no-till
      3. Nutrient management – comparison of different nutrient sources
    • Each trial has 2 treatments (side-by-side)
    • 2 soil sample points (1 per treatment)
    • Field boundary
    • Management practice data
    • Yield data
  • Personalized farm trial report and soil sample results returned to farmer